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Opening September 2023 to Accept New Clients

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Wish to talk directly with our provider?
Book a free discovery call today

Opening September 2023 to Accept New Clients

Get on Our Waitlist to Receive Updates First


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Which membership program should I choose first?

We recommend that you start with the WELCOME package. This gets you one initial functional medicine intake with our medical provider for 90 minutes and a customized plan for diagnostic lab orders. You will also get ONE visit with our Functional Nutritionist and ONE visit with our Functional Health Coach. You get to check us out and see if you want to move forward with the treatment plans. Still not sure? Sign up for a 15 minute free discovery call with one of our practitioners.

Do you take my insurance?

Flourish does not accept insurance. This allows us to take the best care of YOU, and not worry about insurance restrictions that prevent us from focusing on your most important needs. We can take all the time we need with you, which is significantly more than in the insurance driven medical visit world. At Flourish, you are investing in long term health which takes more face to face time to prevent and reverse your illness.

Why does the treatment plan require bundled visits?

We are set up to provide bundles of treatment care because we have found that several visits with the functional medical provider, nutritionist and health coach give our clients the tools they need to reduce disease.

We feel confident that this will save you money in the long run when you have improved health, feel your best, and can see your traditional medicine provider less.

Why do you include nutritionist and health coach visits in the memberships?

Good nutrition is the cornerstone of healing and functional medicine considers ‘Food as medicine”. There are so many toxins and chemicals in our modern foods that can impact our health. The nutritionist has advanced training to get to the root cause of the food triggers, help with long term diet prescriptions and prescribe supplements to replace deficient nutrients that are impacting your health. She also teaches you how to make the dietary changes necessary to maintain long term gain from your lifestyle changes.

Health Coaching is a key to successfully making vital lifestyle changes- everything from improving our sleep, our relationships, coping with stress in a better way and how to turn on that internal motivation for the changes needed to sustain our mental and physical health. Studies have shown that clients who have a health coach, get better faster and stay healthy. We all could benefit from a health coach and nutritionist!

Can I use my FSA/ HSA card?


Are labs and supplements included in the program costs?

The cost of serum/blood labs is not included, however, we typically find that most insurances will cover the labs (copays and deductibles may apply) that we order. We apply the appropriate codes to get them approved whenever possible. If you have recent labs from your PCP, please bring them into your first appointment.

Advanced labs are typically recommended such as a comprehensive stool analysis to evaluate the health of the gut microbiome (which is the center of our health universe) or you may need other Advanced labs.  We will discuss at the review of findings our recommendations for advanced labs to uncover the cause of your symptoms or illness.  Occasionally, insurance may help cover the cost, but they are often out of pocket expenses, but well worth every penny, or we wouldn’t recommend them. Payment plans are available through our advanced lab vendor- Rupa Health.

Supplements are always recommended in our treatment protocols short term to get the fast results that we love. However, we believe that the key to long term health doesn’t mean you have to take a lot of supplements forever. Most of us need a couple of maintenance supplements to hold the gain though. We give you a 15% discount on supplements over retail pricing.

Can you be my primary care provider?

No, Flourish is a functional medicine practice and cannot provide the breadth of services that your PCP provides. Please continue to see your PCP for any prescription refills , annual exams and other needed services. We will happily share our findings with them if you request that.

What state do I have to live in to be treated?

Katrina De Romana (IFMCP) is licensed in Colorado only, but will be adding more states in the near future.

Shannon Galfi (nutritionist) can work with clients residing in most states, except for those living in Alabama, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Iowa, Illinois, Kansas, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, North Carolina, North Dakota, Nebraska, New Jersey, Ohio, South Dakota, Tennessee, West Virginia, and Wyoming.

Carlos De Romana (health and wellness coach) can work with clients anywhere.

Can I have telehealth visits while I"m traveling or out of town?

Yes! We like to have you come in person (with each practitioner) for your first appointments, but after that, telehealth is just fine with us.