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Opening September 2023 to Accept New Clients

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Wish to talk directly with our provider?
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Opening September 2023 to Accept New Clients

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Functional Medicine in Colorado

Your Experience can change

Does This Sound Like You?

Your primary care provider has helped with a diagnosis, and you are taking medications, but you still don’t feel well.

Medication hasn’t solved your problems

You feel like you’ve tried every possible thing out there. You’re tired of taking one medicine after the other.

You want to incorporate natural solutions

Medicine may be helping you, but you feel inclined to utilize natural elements in your health care journey as well.

You’re looking for additional solutions

Your Primary Care Provider has helped you begin your journey, but you want to add more options to your care.

You’d like to have more personalized guidance

You don’t want to be treated like everyone else who may share your diagnosis. You have individual needs and want those to be acknowledged.

Or You’ve Been Diagnosed With…

Alzheimer’s Disease and Cognitive Decline

Asthma /Allergies



Autoimmune Disorders

Cancer Prevention

Chronic Fatigue and Mental Fog

Chronic Pain/Fibromyalgia

Depression/Anxiety/Mood Disorders

Environmental & Food Allergies
Female Disorders (PMS, Menopause, Infertility, PCOS)
Gastrointestinal Issues (IBD, IBS, GERD/Reflux)
Hair loss/Alopecia
Mast Cell Activation Disorder/Syndrome (MCAD/MCAS)

Metabolic Syndrome (Diabetes Type 2, Fatty Liver, Obesity)


Mold Illness

Multiple Sclerosis
Thyroid and Adrenal Disorders

Traditional and Functional Medicine

An Interwoven Approach

Unfortunately, many of today’s patients are often forced to choose between traditional Western medicine and alternative, holistic approaches to healthcare when evaluating their care. We believe both have value and can play an important role in treating a patient. In addition to prescribing medicine, we may also prescribe a new nutrition program or fitness regime. In some cases, a botanical supplement, or counseling, can serve as an effective, much safer alternative to taking a pharmaceutical drug. Each patient is unique and deserves to have the best science-based care from both Western medicine and holistic care. We often work WITH your primary care provider to optimize the best of both medical worlds. We do not replace them or any specialists, but with the right functional treatment plan, our clients often need them less. Please do not stop or change any of your current medications or treatments when you start a functional medicine approach without consulting with your care team. 

What you can expect

Why Functional Medicine is Different

The movement of functional medicine grows out of an increasing need for today’s doctors and nurses to be able to address complex health issues. Unfortunately, much of today’s conventional approach to health care is oriented for acute care that seeks to treat a patient’s immediate symptoms over addressing the root causes of those symptoms.

functional medicine in Colorado

Time With Patients

Due to patient quotas, dictated by insurance reimbursement rates, many providers in today’s conventional medical systems simply do not have the time to adequately examine the complexities of each patient’s health. In some of these settings, patients average less than 10 minutes with their doctors.

Twenty-first-century science

Without a doubt, our collective knowledge grows each year about how to better care for people’s various health needs. Yet, it can often be decades before new medical research becomes common practice. Additionally, providers in conventional medical systems rarely have time to read the latest research due to high patient quotas and busy work demands.

Taking the time to thoroughly understand each patient’s health allows functional medicine doctors to consult the latest research during treatment, effectively reducing the gap between new breakthroughs to improve our clients’ health significantly.

A word on supplement use

We believe that high-quality supplements can greatly improve many of the conditions that our patients suffer from when the right supplement in the right dose are prescribed for treatment. We also believe that the key to a long and healthy life comes from a healthy diet and lifestyle and that long term, supplements should play a supportive role, not a major role in that health.

Taking the time to thoroughly understand each patient’s health allows functional medicine doctors to consult the latest research during treatment, effectively reducing the gap between new breakthroughs to improve our clients’ health significantly.

I had the pleasure of being treated by the functional medicine Nurse Practitioner.. Since I was struggling for about 5 years with Gastrointestinal issues and pain, arthritic joint pain, constant fever blisters, rashes, nodules on my finger joints, and a slew of other issues, I decided to give this a try since my primary physician couldn’t help me. After she took a thorough medical history review, she completed lab work, and a comprehensive stool sample, she found that I had major fungal infection in my stomach, a gluten intolerance and allergy to a few other foods. I was able to avoid these offending foods, and started me on a “concoction” of medications. Its been 3 months and I literally have NO joint pain, my stomach pain that radiated down into my legs was gone within days, and the fever blisters and rashes went away immediately. I had been suffering for years and just thought this was what it was like to be in your 40’s. This has been a miracle.

I have worked with Katrina now for several months. She takes lots of time with you, very warm but professional, and has helped me immensely to optimize my health. I didn’t have a specific illness to deal with but wanted to be proactive in staying healthy due to a family health history, and she has worked closely with me regarding nutrition, medications, lifestyle, and supplements. My lab results show the difference, amazing!

About two months ago I began seeing Katrina DeRomana at Heartlite Clinic for a functional medicine appointment for chronic pain, fatigue, and autoimmune disorder with a multitude of debilitating symptoms. Katrina was fantastic, took an extensive history and intake and we began to look for the root cause of my illness. I had nutritional deficiencies and abnormal labs, along with gut dysbiosis with proliferation of unhealthy bacteria that was not allowing proper absorption of nutrients and a myriad of problems that go along with leaky gut. Katrina went over everything with me and we created a program tailored to my unique issues. Two months later and I’m feeling amazing- energy is back, joint pain is gone, and I am absolutely thrilled. I was skeptical but am a believer in the importance of functional medicine in treating and preventing illness. I’m very grateful for this amazing clinic and their continued support of my journey to health

Your Symptoms Seem Mysterious

Your Body Is A Puzzle

When other medical providers stop, we’re just getting started.

Treating your symptoms is just the beginning. We dig deep into your biochemistry, physiology, and psychosocial history to identify the factors causing your symptoms. We order and interpret advanced labs and then treat the underlying cause in a highly customized way, so you get better.

It’s Your Turn

How It Works

01 Deep Dive

First Visit:

What can you expect as a patient? Everything we’ve got!! We will be fully immersed in taking care of YOU!

Our functional medicine, IFM board certified nurse practitioner will LISTEN to you. You will spend 90 minutes in person (but telehealth is an option if you live out of the area). We complete a highly detailed history and physical exam to find the root cause of your symptoms or illness and we order preliminary diagnostic testing with blood labs that are typically paid by most insurance plans.  We may also make advanced lab recommendations. 

You will also be seen by our Health Coach and Functional Nutritionist the same week (but separate visits) to start your health transformation process.

02 Review of Findings

We use functional medicine to identify the root cause of your symptoms so that we can provide you with a sustainable and effective treatment plan. 

You return to review the results of your labs and initial visit evaluation. A highly individualized and detailed WELLNESS TREATMENT PLAN is recommended that is suitable to your needs and identified conditions. This is a 30-minute appointment with your team.  You may bring one person with you. 

03 Treatment Planning

We want your experience as a patient in our clinic to be nothing short of stellar. We work tirelessly behind the scenes to make sure the care you receive at our office is tailored to your individual needs. You can expect to receive customized nutrition planning that is easy to understand and follow and most importantly, full of delicious foods that are easy to prepare at home.  You will also schedule sessions with our experienced Health Coach to understand how your past experiences and internal factors are affecting your health and how to gradually make sustainable lifestyle changes to feel well again. We will recommend supplements that are tested, safe and effective in treating your specific conditions for short periods of time to overcome health problems that have not been improved by traditional medicine treatments. 

The follow-up appointment(s) are geared toward supporting the gains and fine-tuning your individual responses to the treatments and taking the next steps to optimize your health.  You will be seen by the functional medicine nurse practitioner, nutritionist and health coach for several sessions each. 

We offer 3, 6, and 12 month treatment packages. 

04 Support for Sustained Wellness

As you near the completion of the treatment sessions, we fine tune your treatment protocols to optimize your wellness and support you to maintain the gain through nutrition counseling and health coaching.  Our goal is your long term health sustainability. 

When your treatment sessions are completed, you may choose to join our Alumni and come back as needed for any new issues, annual labs, supplement recommendations. A’ la carte treatment services are available only to Alumni. 

all the details

What’s Included

Appointments & Communication with 3 specialists

Contact with an IFM certified Nurse Practitioner, Functional Medicine certified Health and Wellness Coach, and Board Certified Nutrition Specialist.

Lab Orders and Detailed Results

We order your blood work and your specialty lab testing then interpret the results and create an individual treatment plan to help you get better.

Dietary and Supplement Planning

We work with you to individualize a nutrition plan to treat your illness, then help you to transition to a dietary plan for lifelong sustained health. We use supplements in our treatment protocols, but long term, we rely on mostly whole foods to sustain our clients health.

Health Coaching Resources

Working with our Health Coach is a key to success by helping you find that inner strength that you have within you to make long term, sustainable lifestyle changes.

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